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Leaders in the field of rehabilitation advocate the use of the Swing-Away Stump Support:

"I believe that the Gerber Chair Mate Swing-Away Stump Support is an essential device during the rehabilitation of the below-knee amputee. It provides optimal positioning, while providing comfortable support for the residual limb."

- Brenda Mummert, MSPT

Physical Therapists realize the importance of returning the patient to their highest level of functioning. Proper healing is a MUST for amputees needing to be fitted with a prothesis. Our Swing�Away Stump Support is designed to provide these results. Gerber Chair Mates, Inc. is committed to providing a superior product that customers find reasonably priced, convenient and fully adjustable as well as being appealing and simple to operate. It attaches to the wheelchair without the use of tools and adjustments can be made while the individual is sitting in the chair.

The Gerber Swing Away Stump Support is NOT a leg rest. It is designed for optimal healing.

Gerber Chair Mates, Inc. continually strives to meet the needs of above or below the knee amputees by providing physical comfort. We understand the importance of self image and appearance. Our Swing Away Stump Support is designed to be a natural part of the wheelchair, not a glaring adaptation. When using our product, individuals will feel comfortable and confident while maintaining a sense of independence.

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